I wanted to take some time out of my day to say thank you guys for helping me get rid of my debt and doing so in such a wonderful mood although I was a delinquent account my creditor helper and customer service rep was patty marquez over the course of payments and I thank her so much for wonderful attitude and once again helping me come to an agreement and pay off all my debt.
- K.H.
As a father and husband who fell on hard times as it relates to this account, it is greatly appreciated that Tim took the time to help me come to a reasonable solution to take care of this debt. I would like to personally thank your staff and team for putting forth such a great effort to help folks such as myself clear up credit and get back on their feet.
- M.T.
I am writing this letter to express my gratitude and appreciation for Aliana. She showed a great amount of professionalism. She was extremely knowledgeable and was able to answer all questions or concerns that I had. I am very pleased with Aliana's work and patience she portrayed today while she assisted me with paying off my debt.
- B.L.
David delivered great customer service. Very patient rep to handle my account while I was struggling to come up with the funds to take care of the debt. I am very glad he was there when I needed him to get this account taken care of today. I am glad we were able to come to an agreement today and get the balance cleared.
- C.O.
Tim assisted me to pay off a personal loan that was sent to your company. His customer service is superb, he knew I had a large amount in collections yet he did not treat me as if I was a bad person. He was very helpful and persistent, waiting for my tax refund to go through in order to pay the loan off in full. Today I can happily say that my loan has been paid in full with Tim and I'm one step closer to rebuilding my credit.
- J.B.
David Moreno was easy to talk to. None of the scary tactics that other collectors use on already anxious people. He explained the process and answered my questions really well.
- A.D.
David did great in assisting me with my debt. He provided me with all the right information in a timely manner and he helped me get a clear understanding of what I owed. He had very good manners and was patient with me and I look forward to speaking with him again. Thank you.
- D.G.
Please be informed that it was a pleasure working with David regarding my accounts on file. He was very understanding and easy to work with. I am very appreciative of the ease this all has been.
- S.R.
Tim was a huge help in getting this debt paid. There was very little wait time. The phone system worked great with no hassles. I was able to get a confirmation email within minutes, thank you so much!
- G.D.
I am giving this customer review for John, who has given me exceptional service on 03/27/2020. John showed me what true customer service is. He had help explain everything and made me feel comfortable in speaking with him. Thank You John for your wonderful service, and hope others will take a page from you.
- M.P.
I have recently had hardships with battling cancer and had hoped of coming to a solution to pay my owed debt. John explained everything fully and took time to answer questions in which I had. Collections is never a pleasent experience, John made it easier. Thank you.
- R. G.
I just had an excellent customer service experience. John answered all my questions and concerns. He was friendly and time efficient which put me at ease. Glad to know he is my go to agent.
- M.C.
He contacted me to make an arrangement for my bill. He communicated well with me, and helped me be able to make a low payment. John also asked if I was affected by the covid19 showing he cared to make sure things were okay here.
- K.H.
John's customer service was great. He called me and laid out my options really well. When I decided what i wanted to do he helped me do that and did not try and force me to do something else. Whatever he's supposed to get if these reviews come in positive he should get it. Despite the subject of the call it was a pleasant interaction.
- J.C.
Thank you very much for helping me solve the problem with my credit card, I am very happy about you and great to chat or talk with you. You are so helpful and I am appreciated for everything from you
- R.T.
The customer service representative i just talked to was so sweet and kind. He really made me feel happy and cared for by him. He was very helpful, caring, and wanting to just check in and make sure my payment was paid on time and also to offer a close out.
- L.G.
Thanks to David Moreno. Helpful and courteous in helping me resolve my debt issue. He explained the process & assured everything would be resolved. Thanks again.
- A.R.
When I did call in I got the opportunity to talk to John. This man made me feel really comfortable right from the start. He is so on point with the knowledge of my case. He offered a great solution that made me comfortable. He was awesome to work with. What made me feel more comfortable was that he didn't ask me for any payments until he did more research the next day. He went above and beyond to make sure that my issues with my bank would be resolved once transaction were done. I've never felt that way with ANY debt collection agencies.
- T. T.
I commend you on how your employees are trained in the art of customer satisfaction. Well I just wanted to write you to let you know how great John's customer service was to me. Would have never expected that at all. I appreciate all the effort with making me feel at ease. Thank you for your time.
- T.P.
It was a pleasure working with Tim. He provided great customer service and answered any questions I had. Tim explained the payment process and was got back in a timely manner. I appreciated the courtesy reminder calls days before payment was due.
- J.R.
Earlier today I had a fantastic communication with several of the debt collectors working in your company. To my understanding, the individual in charge of my case, Rachel, is fairly new and I overheard the conversation between herself and her coworkers as they were helping her out. They were all really friendly and welcoming to her. As for Rachel herself, she was extremely respectful, she was very easy to work with, she explained all available options with clarity, and, overall, made my experience having to talk to a collections agency much more agreeable and enjoyable than I would have ever hoped to imagine. You have an excellent staff and an amazing team member.
- G.A.
I wanted to give my highest regards for the exceptional customer service that David has provided to me. Not only was he extremely professional but also very empathetic to my financial situation, which is hard to come by in the credit services industry. I highly applaud him and look forward to working with him and your company in the future.
- N.G.
David has been phenomenal in dealing with me and my account. His patience and understanding really changed the way I viewed collections agencies. He was always prompt in contacting me to make sure I had all the advantages I could in settling my account. I can only hope that anyone who has to go through this process is lucky enough to get David as their agent.
- T.B.
Recently called to discuss an account that I owed from the past. Spoke to David and David was able to remedy and help me take care of the matter. David was fantastic and very helpful in answering all my questions. Service was 5 out of 5
- A.E.
I want to commend CSC and especially CSC Account Executive John for helping me sort out my client's delinquent account that was in collection at CSC. First of all, John was always very professional and polite, even when I was unable to follow a commitment to pay the delinquent funds to CSC as i had initially said, due to delays that were out of my control. John was patient and continued working with me and was understanding, and this what enabled my client, whose finances were limited, to be able to finally take care of their obligation. I typically don't deal with collection matters in my practice, but John was able to explain CSC's position during our negotiations in a manner than made my job much easier. If I ever have to deal with a collection matter again, I only hope that the next collection agent I deal with is as understanding as John.
- R.B.